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The results from the past and existing art competitions imply that a different application shall be used about jury.

The juries shall be established within 1 week from completion of the preparations of the competition by the secretariat after the final submission date of the works for 7tepe7sanat International İstanbul Classical Arts Competition.

The fundamental rule in establishment of the juries is that no manager, employee, teacher, student of Uskudar Municipality and Turkish Arts shall be included in the juries. They may only have observers.


Calligraphy :  Prof.Dr.Muhittin SERİN , Hasan ÇELEBİ , Davut BEKTAŞ 

Gilding :  Prof.Dr. Faruk TAŞKALE , Yrd.Doc.Dr. Gülnür DURAN

Miniature : Öğrt. Gör. Betül BİLGİN , Gürsoy UĞURLU

Marbling :  Fuat BAŞAR , Doc.Dr.Sacit AÇIKGÖZOĞLU

Paper-Cutting :  Safiye MORÇAY, Meryem GÜNEY

Binding :  Prof.Dr. İslam SEÇEN , Gürcan MAVİLİ

Tile : Güvenç GÜVEN , Yrd.Doc.Dr Mesude Hülya DOĞRU

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