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Competition Specifications

1- First place, second place, third place and encouragement awards of which number is determined by the jury will be given by jury in each branch.

2- The first prize, second prize, third prize and encouragement prize will not be given if jury cannot find any work appropriate to first place, second place, third place and encouragement award.

3- The works which received a prize will be hold by competition authority and the rest of the works will be returned to the artists.

4- Competition authority will not accept any responsibility in respect of the works which have not been taken from the competition secretary within 1 year after announcement of competition results.

5-An appreciation award will be given to the artists who received a prize in the competition.

6- There is no restriction for participating to the competition. It is possible to participate to more than one competition and with a joint work of several artists. For example, calligraphy, marbling-ornamentation, calligraphy-ornamentation-marbling. Only calligraphy or ornamentation or marbling will be subjected to evaluation. Because the work awarded in accordance with the competition rule will be considered as it has been taken with all of its rights, the artist to be participate to the competition should have all copyright, property and disposition rights regarding all of the work.

7- There is no restriction with regard to work size. Each work that can be evaluated will be accepted.
8- Works will be delivered by artists without signing.

9- Technique and material to be used in the competition works will not be an obstacle for reception of the work. But it will be taken into account during evaluation.

10- The works participating in the competition should not be copy, imitation or exhibited or published previously.
11- The works can be presented to the competition as a 'murakka' paper that have been glued to a suitable acid-free and rolled cardboard.

12- Competition authority will not be responsible for any problem that may occur during sending the works to the competition secretary. The participant is responsible for communicating the work to the contact address without any deformation.

13- The participant will submit their ID information, contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail etc.) together with the work.

14- Participant artist is obliged to fill the form in the www.7tepe7sanat.com address.



1- The author participated to the competition has accepted and undertaken that he/she accepted all the conditions written in the specification and will fulfil all these conditions.

2- The participant artist has transferred all financial and intellectual rights to Classical Turkish Arts Foundation together with property and disposition rights in respect of his/her awarded work without claiming any additional amount or price other than the prize and without time limitation.

2- Regarding the obtained work, Classical Turkish Arts Foundation has the right of processing, reproduction, copying, printing, publishing in audio, visual and electronic media, and publishing as catalogue, album and book, exhibition in domestic and international events. It has also the right to transfer such rights to third parties without any time and place limitation.

4- The awarded works will be published in an album format.

5- Prizes will be given to the winners with a ceremony by which the works will be exhibited in the date announced after completion of the competition.

6- Written contact information given by the participant is essential for communication. Any change in contact information will be notified to the competition secretary immediately.

7- The Competition authority will not be responsible for any problem that may occur during the delivery of the work by the participant to the competition secretary.

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