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Competition Schedule


Announcement of the Competition

The competition shall be announced after the iftar dinner at Cemile Sultan Koru on 19 July 2014, before the guests consisting of the artists.
The announcement of the competition shall be conducted with a dinner meeting with large involvement, press media entities, announcements and posters, and the website of the competition.



Latest Submission Date of Works

April 1,  2015 is the latest submission date of the works. It is required to submit the works to the competition secretariat until such date. No work to be submitted after April 1, 2015 shall be accepted.



Jury meeting date

The Jury shall meet until 1 May 2015 for preliminary evaluation of the works and for completion of the preparations by the competition secretariat.



Announcement of the Results

Announcement of International İstanbul Classical Arts Competition results shall be conducted through 7tepe7sanat.com, telephone and e-mail, and the applicable persons shall be notified.



Prize Ceremony and Competition Exhibition

Prize ceremony shall contain an exhibition in which all works entitled to any prize will be exhibited, a seminar on art and offerings, to which all artists shall be invited.

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