Competition Announcement


7tepe7sanat International Istanbul Classic Arts Competition was announced in a magnificent gathering organized. It would be the first organization in seven international classical arts.

Mr. Hilmi Türkmen mayor of Uskudar underlining the spreading of the classical arts from Uskudar to the world stated that “Uskudar will be the center of the classical arts.”

The promotion meeting of 7tepe7sanat International Istanbul Classic Arts Competition realized by Turkish Arts Foundation was held at İTO Cemile Sultan Korusu.

Mustafa Güler Governor of Uskudar, Ali Vefa Özdemir Uskudar Muphtu, and prominent academicians on classical arts namely Prof. Dr. Uğur Derman, Ms. Çiçek Derman, Prof. Dr. Zeki Kuşoğlu, Prof. Dr. Günseli Kato attended the promotion meeting. And many artists and classical art masters being members of Classical Arts including the calligrapher Hasan Çelebi were present at the meeting.


Mayor of Uskudar Mr. Hilmi türkmen making a speech at the meeting stated that “Today, at the iftar meal, we will share something suitable with the spirit of Ramadan, our first project designed on culture and art in this period. Each town of Istanbul is indeed a brand town, but Uskudar is little bit ahead of this being a brand on its own. Uskudar is a kind of spirit of Istanbul, Istanbul may not be thought without Uskudar. If there would be any initiation on art and culture then it would be conducted by Uskudar. We desire to start the first ignition tonight.”


Mayor Turkmen underlining the honor they had as to being one of the founders of Classical Arts Foundation established to support and develop arts and artists, with which they organize 7tepe7sanat International Istanbul Classic Arts Competition gave such information about the Project: “You, our teachers and artists present the classical arts to our country and world. And we wanted that the name of Uskudar would be uttered together with such classical arts. We started this journey for this aim, and desire to support our arts and artists. Classical Arts were spread to the world from Uskudar. And we wanted to take advantage of such vision of Uskudar. We started for a competition that we will announce from today until April 1, 2015. In such 7tepe7sanat event, in which the new works shall compete each other, we will evaluate the classical art works submitted to us from may 1, 2015, and we will announce the finalists before you. Thank you all in advance.”


Mayor Turkmen noting that “I believe that we serve to Uskudar’s historical art and culture as Uskudar Municipality” continued its speech “I believe that we will bring values to our artistic life values. In this period our services shall be soared. Municipalities construct roads, conduct land improvement works, pavements, cultural facilities, parks but all of them are temporary. The permanent things are the works of arts of which we will cause production, for arts and our culture. I hope (inchallah) we will be able to realize permanent works in this period with our valued art people and friends. We kindly ask you to support us in and contribute to this event. This is our biggest request from you in the ame of our history and culture and in the name of Istanbul and Uskudar. We are ready to provide you every logistic support available to us.”

“First we will organize Katibim Festival in September and we will conduct Farewell Ceremony to Pilgrims from Uskudar known as “Surre Alayı” in Ottoman Turkish, known in the history with Uskudar. We plan to conduct such ceremony in the first week of September. This ceremony remembered to us by Prof. Dr. Uğur Derman shall commence from Dogancilar Park and continue to Harem. We will organize Surre Alayı worthy of its name and history. We will perform culture and art programs this year fully. 7tepe7sanat Istanbul competition shall fit Uskudar very well.”


Mayor Turkmen underlining the fact that the masters, teachers, trainees, lovers of the classical arts stay, give lessons, raise students in Uskudar mentioned that “Staying of the artists in our district is one of the most important gains of Uskudar. For example, Marbling was spread to the world from Uskudar. Karacaahmet region is the center of calligraphy art. Uskudar has more than any classical art in Turkey. Since our municipality has more opportunities on this subject, we will provide every support and assistance to the culture and arts. It is obvious that this competition will have great contributions to our culture life. We expect large participation to the competition. Thank you everybody in advance, and congratulate the Ramadan Fest to be celebrated in the upcoming days.”


Uskudar Governor Mr. Mustafa Guler thanking to all artists and masters attending the presentation program and supporting the Project wished a good and fair competition in which all artists shall take what they desire. Governor Guler stated that “In 7tepe7sanat İstanbul competition, we would like to see the works of art underlining our contributions and identity. I would like to thank to all spending efforts for organization of this competition, and express my respects to all of our artists.”

Calligrapher Hasan Çelebi invited to the podium expressed his appreciation to Mayor of Uskudar Hilmi Türkmen mentioning that the number of artists shall increase due to the contributions of the local administration and Turkish arts would be spreading to the world with this support.

7tepe7sanat would be a first in the World

Mr. Mehmet İbrahimağaoğlu, President of Classical Arts Foundation making the closure speech of the gathering, and providing information about the specifications of the competition stated that it would be the first time Classical Arts competition will be organized in seven branches namely Calligraphy, ornamentation, miniature, kat’ı, marbling, ceramic glaze and binding arts, and that many artists would attend the competition. The Competition Board announced that the competition conditions are published at the internet website “7tepe7sanat.com” and any person interested to attend the competition would be able to attend the competition.


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