Corporate Background

Corporate structure behind formation of 7tepe7sanat

Uskudar Municipality

It realized many art activities directly under its corporate identity or through partnership in or supporting the projects. Being involved in art is a part of the historical identity of Uskudar.  It is obvious that an international art competition will suit the identity and historical past of Uskudar and Uskudar Municipality.


Classical Turkish Arts Foundation

The foundation was established to insure production of, foster, popularize, support, promote calligraphy, ornamentation, miniature, katı, marbling(ceramic tile), ceramic glaze, binding, hand carved, inlay naht, edirnekari, kündekari arts, and to increase the interest of the public thereon, insuring transfer thereof to the next generations. An international competition shall fit the background, opportunities and future plans of the foundation to the highest extent.

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